Our Vision

When you come across something that dramatically changes your life in a profound way for the better; something which is accessible for everyone, everywhere and forever; you want to tell the world about it.  Andrea, Rebecca and Chris realised that they had a common ambition, to share this new understanding widely and to support others to do the same.  They are familiar with it through the body of work around the Three Principles of Thought, Mind & Consciousness as expressed by Sydney Banks but in fact these principles are apparent in many diverse arenas from ancient spiritual texts to quantum physics.

Our vision is to help spread this work through whatever channels we can be it 1-2-1 mental health support or to enable a new (and more joyous) way of doing business.  We live in and love Wales so decided to keep our focus local.  We are here to provide training, mentoring, facilitating the coming together of people who have grasped this new perspective with those who can benefit from it.  Our vision is also ultimately to have a great time doing it because we know that as we are relaxed and enjoying ourselves, this will allow us to have a wonderful connection with those around us.  If you are curious, please do get in touch to find out more.

“A man will be imprisoned in a room with a door that’s unlocked and opens inwards, as long as it does not occur to him to pull rather than push.”
Ludwig Wittgenstein

About the Inside Out Understanding

The Inside Out Understanding is realising that we are perfect as made.  We are not victims of circumstance but creators of our own life experiences – not the situations we necessarily find ourselves in but how we feel in those situations.  Life might not change around us but our experience of it will change fundamentally as we grasp this new perspective.

“Ultimately the quality of your life is to do with your state of consciousness…”
Eckhart Tolle  

The Inside Out Understanding points to a ‘new’ understanding of the human experience which in fact, is not new at all.  We are simply shining a light on how life has always worked but we have somehow forgotten.  It is a wonderful freeing experience to wake up to the richness of life and be in touch with our own inner guide and wisdom which are so often silenced by doubt and insecurity.

“Everyone in this world shares the same innate source of wisdom, but it is hidden by the tangle of our own misguided personal thoughts.”
~ Sydney Banks

The image of a river is an often used analogy for our life path, that we are like a boat on that river and we may go over rapids, even waterfalls, be in slow deep currents or fast choppy ones. But in fact we are not a boat on the river at all but the river itself – we are not ‘done to’ but creators of our own destiny when we follow the path of least resistance and go with the flow. This is not a passive act at all but is an employment of our clever thinking minds to help us do what we do best. As we honour our own inner guides and connection to each other and all that is around us, our minds quieten, we come into the present moment and we can hear our own truth.

Core Team

Andrea McNeil

Andrea McNeil

Andrea currently runs a successful coaching and consulting business, as well as being a volunteer coach for the Wallich, homeless charity, on their BOSS programme.

In recent years, Andrea has deepened her understanding of the process and source of the human experience and now brings this into all her coaching work. She has trained extensively with the Insight Principles team.

Andrea is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and holds qualifications in 360° feedback, Myers-Briggs and BPS Levels A & B. She is a Certified Professional Co-Active coach and trained Organisation Relationship Systems coach.

Rebecca Perkins

Rebecca Perkins

Rebecca is an experienced coach running her own business for 11 years since training as an NLP Master Practitioner and Coach. She also undertook further training with He’Art of Thriving, exploring the inside out nature of the human experience.

Much of her work has been with private individuals as well as working with a large, well known charity coaching staff through a major organisational change. Rebecca is currently volunteering with The Wallich for the BOSS programme offering coaching to prisoners and ex-offenders, helping them successfully take responsibility for their own wellbeing and moving forward in their lives.

Christine Smith

Christine Smith

Chris has been profoundly interested in what makes us tick as human beings for the last 30 years. This exploration has seen her qualify as a Homeopath, a Reflexologist, and a Teacher and she has delved deep to follow her own spiritual journey. She is also a qualified Spiritual Companion having completed training with William Bloom.

She also has an active career in Web Design & Digital Marketing so is perfectly placed to help individuals and businesses to market themselves in a powerful, yet spiritually mindful way. She brings the inside out understanding into all her work.

Our Community

Our community is about sharing this understanding amongst ourselves and with the people in Wales.  This happens socially with community events and with educational programmes across Wales and online.

We see our community as firstly a place for nurturing, developing, deepening our understanding, sharing our experiences, learning and healing.  And it is also a springboard for us to take this work out into the wider community of Wales sharing what we now see within businesses, mental health services, schools and charities.

Who are the Community Members?

Anyone living in Wales who is interested in the Three Principles and would like to be part of a wider network of people involved in this understanding.

The Future

We are hoping that this is going to be a popular enterprise and will be a positive experience for us all.  Once we see that there is a need for this work, we will form a Community Interest Company (CIC) to carry the enthusiasm forward.  So do let us know that you are interested, make enquiries, join up, and then we can get a better idea of what is required.  Many thanks.

How to Join Us

Get in touch with us via the form below and we will send you further information.

Activities | Workshops | Events

We are delighted to present details of just some of the things going on in Wales (or elsewhere but lead by facilitators living in Wales) which might interest you.

Pilgrimage 01-08 Sep 2020 West Wales More Information
Pilgrimage 14-16 Sep 2020 West Wales More Information

“All we are is love, peace and wisdom and
the power to create the illusion that we’re not.”
~ Jack Pransky

As a facilitator, Andrea’s approach and manner is fascinating because she comes across to me and my team as totally no provocative whilst at the same time asking the most blunt and necessary questions. She therefore gets everyone talking about the issues that really matter without people feeling threatened and closing up….
Andrea is great – you should use her.


Rebecca, Thank you so very much for setting my son on the road to recovery. Right from your very first meeting, the one he nearly didn’t make because of his anxiety and panic attacks, he said that for the first time he had an inkling that life could get better. Many months on, he’s now able to do all the creative things he used to do which he never thought possible and is getting back on with living life. Thank you.


I experience Chris as empathic and trustworthy. She offers a safe space in which to share and explore personal experiences and brings hope to those experiences through the strategies she has introduced.


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