Yesterday I stood looking out to sea, witnessing the enormous power of nature. Storm Ophelia was ripping its way through Ireland and was kicking up a lot of wind and surf in South Wales too. I stood gripping onto the handrails on the path leading to the beach as the wind, picking up sand and sea whipped my face, making me catch my breath and have to hold on for dear life. It was exhilarating and humbling at the same time.

Today, I opened my bedroom curtains to blue sky with the odd pink tinged cloud drifting slowing by, barely a breath of wind today. The only pointer to yesterday’s wild weather is the debris and leaves strewn across the garden, the paths and pavements outside.

It’s a well worn metaphor and one I love, so be patient as I ask you to indulge me just one more time.

The sky is always blue even behind the darkest of skies.

We know that to be true. It’s fact. We don’t ever doubt it. We don’t ever have to remind ourselves. Even when we haven’t caught a glimpse of the sun in a week or so we still know it’s there. We never fear that the blue sky has abandoned us.

And so it is with our sense of wellbeing. Our wellness is innate. We are born connected, whole, in perfect wellbeing. We simply need to spend time with a newborn baby to see this. They are the universe. They don’t know separateness. They know they are perfect and whole.

It is only in our growing up that we learn to fear that perhaps we’re not okay. Life seems scary, fragile, disturbing. We learn to not trust, to be fearful. We protect ourselves, we build walls. We fear that our thoughts and our feelings are important messages that ‘prove’ we’re not okay. We avoid the feelings that are uncomfortable, we medicate, we numb.

What if we’d got all this wrong, innocently?

Just like the weather yesterday what if we see ourselves not as the raging storm, the gale force wind, the torrential rain, the thunder storm, the blizzard but know that we are the blue sky. That is our default setting.

I know that the weather patterns change all the time. So do my feelings.
I know that a thunderstorm will not last for ever. Same goes for my moods.
I know that at some point the sky will clear and the sun will shine again. Same with my thinking.

In a way, knowing this allows me to sit with it, enjoy the ride, knowing that it’s not me.

I’m not the weather patterns, I’m the sky.

So are you.

And isn’t that cool to know?

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