January 1st 2008 Rebecca’s life changed forever. She finally owned up to herself that her 14 year old daughter, Bea, had anorexia. In that moment of realisation her whole world seemed to fall apart. What unfolded was every parent’s nightmare, a rollercoaster of doctors, dieticians, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, counsellors, hypnotherapists…. 

The years since that diagnosis have been long and at times arduous. A few years ago Rebecca and Bea saw something fundamentally different about wellbeing and resilience that enabled Bea to go from being in recovery to fully recovered.

Join Rebecca on Wednesday 18th September at 7pm, at The Guildhall, Cardigan, SA43 1JL, for a conversation about wellbeing and recovery. 

She’ll be sharing what she has seen is true for all of us whether we’re struggling with an eating disorder or caring for someone who is. You might be struggling with anxiety, overwhelm, panic attacks or any other mental health disorder.

Throughout the evening Rebecca will be exploring:

  • Recovery is possible

  • What if we didn’t take our thinking seriously

  • We’re all doing the best we can

Understanding these three things was transformational for both Bea and Rebecca. It is the premise for their book Recovery from Within: a mother and daughter’s journey through anorexia which was published in November 2018.

Recovery from Within cover

A Mother & Daughter's Journey through Anorexia

This is a free event so no payment required but please help us by registering using the link below so that we know you are coming.  Many thanks.