“Remember to invite stillness into your life” ~ Eckhart Tolle

There are times that I have a really busy mind. I get lost in the noise. I get caught in the loop of my thinking. Some of it’s good but most of the time it’s habitual low grade rubbish. I don’t even know whose voice it is because it’s certainly doesn’t sound like mine! Voices from the past, judging me perhaps. Even my own voice from the past judging me. Who knows?!

Sometimes it’s like being in a room with a dozen radios on playing different stations. It’s exhausting.

In these moments I forget just how good stillness feels. I forget that I can invite stillness into my life. This place of stillness is so beautiful. It’s like floating in a pool without even a ripple on the surface. It’s so nourishing.

In the stillness we hear the truth, which is that the real you and me doesn’t think we suck. The real you and me knows that we are pure potential, pure beauty, pure grace. The real you knows that the thoughts you have that bring you down are not who you are. The real me is gentle and kind, encouraging and full of hope.

These answers are always found in the stillness. What is your wisdom telling you right now?

The original of this post was published by Rebecca Perkins on Medium.